General Anaesthetic

When dental treatment requires general anaesthetics

For some patients, having dental treatment in the chair is not possible. Whether it be due to the need for extensive treatment, complex treatment, severe pain, difficulty accessing the area, or anxiety associated with visiting the dentist, some patients do require a general anaesthetic, or “getting knocked out”.

We undertake our general anaesthetic procedures at Pacific Private Hospital in Southport. The procedure is a day surgery admission and the anaesthetic is administered by a specialist anaesthetist whilst we perform the dental treatment.

3 separate fees

There are 3 separate fees associated with general anaesthetic treatment:

  1. Dental fees: These fees are payable to us prior to the procedure being undertaken.
  2. Hospital fees: This fee is payable on the day of the procedure to the hospital. Most health funds offer generous rebates.
  3. Anaesthetist fee: This fee is payable to the hospital on the day of the procedure. Medicare and health funds pay very little towards this cost.

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