Removable partial dentures have been made by dentists and worn by patients for many years.

Partial dentures can either be made entirely of acrylic, or made with a cobalt-chrome metal base and only minor amounts of acrylic. Small metal clasps are used to hold the denture on to the surrounding natural teeth and pink acrylic mimics the gum tissue. The metal clasps are silver in colour and, depending on the individual circumstances, may or may not be visible when you talk or smile. These clasps are absolutely necessary to hold the partial in place. Their location and design are dictated by the shape and position of your remaining teeth and which missing teeth will be replaced. We will show you where the clasps are to be located in your mouth. Most of the time, the amount of preparation (drilling) of your natural teeth needed to ensure successful clasp design is minimal. Often there is no need for a local anaesthetic injection.

The base of the partial denture will rest lightly on your gum tissue. At some time in the future it is expected that you will need adjustments to the base. Usually this means an addition of more pink material to the denture base. Clasp arms will loosen and need to be tightened at various times. Weight loss or gain will also affect the fit of the base of the partial.

Although a partial is less expensive than a fixed bridge, which is metal and porcelain cemented into place, there are several possible drawbacks. The supporting gingival tissue can change over time which may cause the denture to become loose and you may need the addition of extra acrylic to the base of the denture to compensate for this. Matching the plastic denture teeth to your natural teeth or previous dental work is always difficult and sometimes the shade, whilst close, is never quite right. Dentures can cause an altered taste sensation due to the coverage of metal and acrylic across the roof of the mouth and on the gums. Components of the denture may interfere with your bite. All dentures rock slightly due to the fact that the denture rests on your gums, which does compress slightly under pressure.

It is always difficult to know how well a patient can cope with a partial denture. Some patients adapt very quickly and seamlessly to partial dentures whilst others encounter significant and ongoing problems.

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